Elektra Light, 110V Electrofusion Welders

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The compact but powerful Elektra Light welder from Woodside is designed with the operative in mind.  Weighing only 7kg, this Electrofusion welder can fuse fittings up to 160mm in diameter and is supplied in a heavy duty carry-bag with a free manual scraper as standard.  It's 110 volt supply cable conforms to UK site safety standards and all machines are manufactured in compliance with international standards. 

With a built-in memory featuring 325 welding cycles, the Elektra Light also has data transfer and PDF report capability.  The barcode scanner system allows automatic setting of welding parameters, or data can be manually inputted.

Power supply

110V Single Phase / 50Hz

Maximum output current


Protection degree

IP 54

Machine weight


Machine body dimensions




Instructions for Ritmo Electrofusion Welding Machines

These are general guidelines for all Ritmo electrofusion welders - please refer to detailed instructions and necessary safety precautions before use.

The quality of the joint depends on many factors and we recommend that the following information is paid attention to in order to give the user confidence that a correct weld has been achieved. 

Storage of pipes/fittings/couplers 

During the welding cycle, the pipes and electrofusion fittings must be at ambient temperature (as read by the thermal probe of the machine/welders) and must not be exposed to extreme weather conditions, before or during the welding process, as the difference in temperature could compromise the weld.  


Cut both pipe ends square (make a right-angle cut) we recommend using a Ritmo pipe cutter.   Be sure to eliminate any bending or ovalisation of the pipes.   

Using a suitable pipe scraper, evenly scrape the oxidized layer from the pipe ends to be welded, at least 1 cm greater than the length being inserted into the electrofusion coupler.  We stock the range of Ritmo scrapers, including their turbo scraper range which is available up to 63mm pipe.

Without thorough preparation, the weld may appear to have been and look successful - even though the correct settings were used on the electrofusion welder, the important molecular interpenetration won’t take place and the weld will possibly fail. 

We strongly advise against the use of abrasive paper, a rasp, emery wheel, or other improper tools to scrape the pipes.   

Remove the protective packaging around the electrofusion coupler only just before welding. Wipe both the pipe and the inner surface of the fitting following the manufacturer’s instructions with the correct wet wipes.  


Insert the pipe ends into the coupler. Support the pipes with proper alignment clamps; this is of absolute importance because it ensures that both pipes remain in position and prevents any strain during the welding and cooling process. 


The area where the welding takes place must be protected from adverse climatic conditions, such as humidity, temperatures below -10°C, temperatures above +40°C, strong winds and direct sunshine. 

The pipes/fittings/couplers to be welded must be made of the same material, or at least compatible materials.

Ensure the welder is correctly sized for the electrofusion fittings.  Ritmo have an innovative range of welders manufactured at their Italian factory.  If you would like advice on what electrofusion welder is best suited to your work, don’t hesitate to call us on 01302 767176.

All welders can be used in manual or automatic modes.  Ensure the correct heating and cooling times are displayed on the welder prior to starting the weld.

It is important to use, transport and store the welder in a safe and clean environment.


The cooling time varies according to the diameter of the electrofusion fittings and the ambient temperature. The cooling time suggested by the coupler manufacturer must be respected. Remove the clamps only after the cooling phase is completed.

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