Electrofusion Universal Branch Saddles

Electrofusion Universal Branch Saddles

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Electrofusion Fittings - Branch Saddles 

Wide range available with good quantities of fittings ready to be dispatched directly to site if required.

Quality electrofusion fittings - suitable for both water and gas, WRAS approved, PN 16 rated, PE 100 material, manufactured in accordance with BS EN 12201 and BS EN 1555.

The Fox range of electrofusion fittings are manufactured to a high standard and we are pleased to be their UK distributor, having had much on-site experience with many other well-known branded fittings.

For any information, advice or technical support on electrofusion fittings or welders, please call us on 01302 767176 or email sales@woodside.uk

Instructions for Electrofusion Branch Saddles

The preparation of the pipe is critical to ensure the fusing of the fittings to the pipe is successful – particularly when connecting or modifying an existing pipeline.

  • Measure the outside diameter of the pipe you are connecting to, and choose the correct type and size of electrofusion saddle fitting needed - the universal saddles cover a pipe diameter of 355-560mm.
  • Measure the scraping zone, and mark the area where the fitting will sit.
  • Using a hand scraper, remove any oxidised plastic within the welding zone, then clean the area on the pipe with IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) solution or wipes to remove any further impurities.  Although all electrofusion fittings should still be inside the packaging, we recommend also wiping the inside of the fittings to ensure cleanliness.
  • Place the fitting on the pipe and insert the FOXGrip holder into the spigot outlet - (FOXGrip installation tool available to purchase from Woodside).
  • Pass one end of the belt under the pipe and fasten each end to the hooks on top of the holder, then using a socket wrench, tighten the thread until the belt has pulled tight - this should hold the fitting firmly onto the pipe and ensure contact in all areas.
  • Ensure the electrofusion welding machine is correctly sized for the fitting - see the electrofusion welders category on our website for more information.  We are the UK distributor for the Ritmo electrofusion welders. 
  • Follow the instructions for the welder. Scanning the barcode on the fitting will send the right information to the welder, or input data manually. It is good practice to double check the heating and cooling times are correct.
  • Proceed using the instructions shown - do not interrupt the heating and cooling processes, otherwise the joint may not fuse correctly.
  • Once the process is complete, it is advisable to wait 1 hour before conducting a pressure test on the pipeline, then the saddle can be drilled.

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