Electrofusion Tapping Tees

Electrofusion Tapping Tees

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16 bar rated, PE100 material

Suitable for Gas and Water

Handy Universal pin fits 4.0mm and 4.7mm as standard

All fittings are manufactured in accordance with BS EN 12201 and BS EN 1555

  • Measure the diameter of the pipe you need to connect to and select the correct size tapping tee required.
  • Measure and scrape the welding zone on the pipe - this is to remove any oxides which may have built up on the plastic, and leave pure, virgin material.
  • It is recommended that the scraping process is carried out twice to guarantee all impurities are removed.
  • Clean the welding zone and fitting with IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) solution or wipes, and ensure both are totally dry before beginning the electrofusion process.
  • On the pipe, mark the welding zone and place the fitting.  Secure the clamp and ensure both are correctly aligned.
  • Using the correct electrofusion welding machine for the task, scan the barcode on the fitting, or input data manually.
  • Proceed using the instructions shown - do not interrupt the heating and cooling processes, otherwise the joint may not fuse correctly.
  • Once the appropriate cooling time has been observed, remove the cap on top of the tapping tee.
  • Insert the key into the cutter and measure the drilling depth as shown on the label - proceed by turning cutter clockwise - a hole will be bored into the pipe.
  • Then, withdraw the cutter by turning the key anti-clockwise, until it reaches the top of the valve and meets resistance - the cutter will stay here and act as a plug.
  • Finally, remove the key and replace the top cap - this will provide a secondary water and air proof seal.
  • The saddle clamp can now be removed if desired.

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